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YDP: Before & After School for Grades 3-6 in the WRDSB

Youth Development Programs to be Operated by Owl Child Care for the upcoming 2019-20 School Year:
Abraham Erb P.S., Bridgeport P.S., Chicopee Hills P.S., Crestview P.S., Franklin P.S., Laurelwood P.S., Lester B. Pearson P.S., Lexington P.S., Northlake Woods P.S., Sandowne P.S. and Vista Hills P.S.

Youth Development Programs (YDP) are extended care for children in Grades 3 – 6. YDP before and after school programs are offered at several public schools within the Waterloo Region District School Board. This program is designed to engage children in learning, create adventures and nurture personal relationships. Our Youth Development Program has access to many school spaces including the gym, library, classrooms and computer labs. The program is operated by Owl Child Care on behalf of the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB). Choose before school, after school or both. Parents have the option of enrolling their child for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week on a set recurring schedule.

With a strong reputation and over 35 years experience, Owl is a leader in early learning & child care in the Waterloo Region. Our staff support each child in realizing their potential, while giving families peace of mind. Our educators aim to achieve 9 program goals to support learning and development. Our Program Statement provides an overview of the following: Four Foundations, Pedagogical Approaches, Our Approaches to Achieve stated goals - including what you might see in our program and what we do behind the scenes. Families are encouraged to view the full Program Statement.

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Click here to review the YDP Parent Handbook in PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need care and want to start next week – can my child attend then? Open or Close

    No. We required two weeks to process your application from the date that we receive your completed registration package of forms. Failure to give two-weeks’ notice will result in a delay of your start date.

  • What is the cost? Open or Close

    Please visit the YDP Program Fees page for all the details.

  • Is my child registered? Open or Close

    Upon sucessfull completion of the required enrolment documents, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

    If you have not received this email notification, please check your spam/junk email box. Once the email has been located, be sure to adjust your filters to ensure you receive future communications.

  • Is there a different rate for attending part-time? Open or Close
    The fee schedule is based on a single daily rate. The same rate is charged to both full-time families and part-time families (those attending less than 5 days week).
  • How do I apply for Subsidy? Open or Close

    Full or partial subsidies are managed by the Region of Waterloo. Please contact 519-575-4400.

    It is important to understand that completing the OneList registration does not mean you have applied or qualified for Child Care Subsidy. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure they have qualified for Child Care Subsidy prior to registering their child(ren) for the Youth Development Program (YDP).

  • Does Owl provide food while my child is in care? Open or Close
    Morning and afternoon snacks are provided daily and are selected in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide. If your child is attending a full day for PA days or camp, please provide lunch as you would on any regular school day. Please inform us of your child’s specific food allergies.
  • What if my child has food allergies or severe food sensativities? Open or Close

    If your child has allergies, anaphylaxis risk, severe food sensativity, religious beliefs, vegetarian diet, food dislikes to the point of nutrition concern please speak to your centre supervisor immediatly.

    We are committed to the fundamental principle of providing and maintaining a healthy environment for all children and staff. In particular, this includes all those who may be susceptible to anaphylaxis, the term used to describe acute, severe, life-threatening allergic reactions to a substance. Owl’s goal is to minimize and control allergies through education. Employees and students that work in the centres are required to participate in anaphylaxis training bi-annually. In addition, a review of the use of Epi-pens and Twinjects® is conducted a minimum of twice annually.

    Although it is difficult to ensure a risk-free environment, Owl has designated all of its locations as “Allergy Safe” and will not knowingly serve nut products. Anaphylactic reactions to other substances (for example: eggs & milk) are dealt with on a case by case basis. Owl requires that any individual (e.g., children, employees, students, and volunteers) at risk for anaphylaxis have an Individual Emergency Anaphylaxis Plan.

    Click here for more information on our Anaphylasis Emergency Plan

  • I work shift work and require a more flexible schedule. Is that an option? Open or Close
    • This is considered to a Flex Care Space where your days of care fluctuate each week based on your work schedule (e.g., week 1 you need care M-T-W-F, but week 2 you need T-W-Th-F). A flex care space takes up a full-time space in our program to give you flexibility on the days of care. There are a limited number of Flex Care Spaces available per program.
    • Request a Flex Care Spaces Request form from the YDP Supervisor. Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. You will be required to submit your work/care needs schedule as part of your request and on an ongoing basis.
    • Requests are normally approved for a 3-day flex or 4-day flex schedule. Requests for a 2-day flex schedule will be considered but are not guaranteed.
  • Can I sign up for a single day of care per week or even the occasional week? Open or Close
    • We require a set recurring schedule with a minimum of 2 days per week of care.
    • If you are registered part-time (less than five days per week) and need to add the occasional extra day of care, you can do so by providing a written request with 10 days written notice to
    • Requests received with less than 10 business days’ notice will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if we can accommodate your request.
  • Ours is a split family and I only require care every other week. Can such a schedule be accommodated within the youth development program? Open or Close
    • Assuming it’s a set recurring schedule (e.g., every other Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), yes we can accommodate your request. This is considered an alternating two-week schedule. In order to set up such a schedule, we please email and provide the schedule of days for week 1 and week 2 and the start date for this schedule.
    • Sandbox, our child care management system, will set it up as an automatic 2-week rotation. Any changes to this schedule must be communicated in writing to ad require 10 business days’ notice.
  • Ours is a split family and the two parents have different care needs. How can this be accommodated? Open or Close
    • For specific payment arrangement, our system allows us to add a secondary household and to define the % of fees being paid by each family.
    • For differing days-of-care needs, please see question #2 for a rotating 2 week schedule.
    • Please submit a custody agreement or jointly signed letter to outline your agreement with respect to child care scheduling, payment of fees, access to information, who can pick up, etc.
    • This information will be reviewed by our team to determine the best way to set up your account.
  • Will I be charged during Christmas or statuatory holidays when Owl is closed? Open or Close
    No. Fees are not charged on statuatory holidays, or during the Christmas closure.
  • If my child is sick and doesn’t attend, will I be charged? Open or Close
    Owl does not issue credits for sick days, vacation days, or any unexpected centre closures. As a result, yes, you will be charged for that day.
  • How will my payments be calculated and when will they come out of my account? Open or Close

    Payments are calculated on the number of days of care your child is scheduled/registered for each month. As a result, your child care fees will be different each month based on the number of days of care to be provided.

    Once calculated, your monthly fees will be divided into two with 50% being withdrawn from your account on the 1st of the month and the remainder on the 15th. You will receive an email from Owl five days before a payment is scheduled to come out of your account.

  • Will my 2 monthly payments be the same or different? Open or Close
    The two payments – the 1st and 15th payment each month - will be the same.
  • Does Owl have a program for PA Days, March Break and Summer Camp? Open or Close

    Yes! Families are required to “opt-out” in writing if not attending a PD Day, March or Winter Break camp. You must opt-out with a minimum of 2-weeks notice. Failure to do so, will result in your account being charged for these dates. Owl reserves the right to provide care on PD Days, during Winter and March Break at an alternate location. Families will be notified in advance of the location and given the choice to opt-out.

    Owl currently offers a weeky Summer Camp for children in JK to age 12 at seven locations across the Waterloo Region. Families currently attending Youth Development Programs within the WRDSB are invited to register their children in our summer camps. Registration opens to the public on March 1 at 12:00 pm. Please note that all registrations are processed online using a credit card. For the summer of 2020, Owl will determine the feasibility of operating a summer camp at one or more of its YDP locations.

  • Hours of Care on PD days, Winter Break and March Break Open or Close

    A child registered to attend Before School may attend on the PD day from 7am until school dismissal time. If they are registered for After School on a PD day, they may attend from school entry time until 6pm on a PD day.

  • What is the pricing for PD Days, March Break, etc.? Open or Close
    • Just like with the public school board, the rates for before and after school care are pro-rated to take into account PA Days, winter break and March break.
    • As a result, if a PA Day or winter/march break day falls on a regularly scheduled day that your child normally attends before and after school, you will be charged the same rate you usually pay. So, for families like yours, who attend both before and after school, the PA Day would be $26
    • For a family that only attends one program (either before or after school), they would only pay their usual rate on a PA Day, but they would have restrictions on the hours of care.
    • In that case, a child registered to attend Before School may attend on the PD day from 7am until school dismissal time. If they are registered for After School on a PD day, they may attend from school entry time until 6pm on a PD day. If the PA day calls on a day that the child is not regularly scheduled for, the PA date rate would be $26
    • Families also have the choice to Opt-Out of PA Days, Winter Break and March Break with 2 weeks (10 business days) notice in which case fees will not be charged.
  • I’m going on vacation later this month and want to unscheduled my child so that I am not paying fees while we are away. Open or Close
    • Fees are charged based on your child’s set recurring schedule. Owl does not offer vacation credits or a reduction in fees to accommodate vacation or illness as our fixed costs (e.g., wages, room rental, program supplies, etc remain unchanged).
    • Schedule changes are allowed with two-weeks’ notice but are intended to be used to change the # of days of care on an ongoing basis or to change the specific days of the week within your schedule –again on an ongoing basis.
  • I know that we are taking vacation over March Break. Can I process this as a schedule change – giving notice two-weeks in advance that we wish to reduce our schedule to zero days? Open or Close
    • The week of March Break is an optional week, and is treated the same as PA Days. Though your base fees do include care over March Break, should you wish to opt out of care for that week, we can credit those fees back to your account. Be sure to provide sufficient notice – no less than 10 business days prior to the first day of March Break – with your intentions to opt out of March Break. Therefore, no schedule change is required for a vacation during March Break.

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