A walk through the forest
September 2020


As throughout the summer, we have continued with walks around the community, exploring the pond and wooded areas. This has given our toddlers the opportunity to increase their endurance, develop those coordination and gross motor skills, as well as gain more independence and participate in some risky play. So, off on another adventure we went to the forest and the toddlers were very excited. What would we find there? the educators asked the toddlers. “I find rocks!” said Zoey excitedly.


Two children in forest


As we walked across the open field, the toddlers were eager and content with all the open space to walk and explore freely as they used their coordination and gross motor skills. We stopped to look at some wildflowers and watched a plane flying above us. “Where is the forest, friends? asked the educator. “Over there!” said Elise excitedly pointing in the direction in which we were walking.


Once the entrance of the forest was visible, the toddlers were encouraged and reminded to stay safely on the trail until everyone was together. When we were inside the forest we used our senses to explore everything that was around us. Zoey even found a bug! Kneeling over a muddy area, she pointed down at the ground and said, “uh no where bug?” her peers walked over to take a closer look and noticed a small bug with wings on its back unlike anything we have ever seen before. When Zoey located it again, she tried to touch it and it flew away. “Uh oh, bug gone...bye bug” she said waving goodbye.


We noticed lots of leaves on the ground, sticks and different sized rocks. The educators explained that the leaves had fallen from the trees, because the seasons were changing and the air was getting colder. We then compared the leaves that the toddlers were collecting and talked about their shapes, sizes and colours. Elise held up a large rock that she had found and commented on how heavy it was, “so heavy, my rock” she said holding it up for the educator to see.


Child looking at a leaf


We explored the forest for a while longer, did some climbing and balancing our bodies on the fallen trees, we also collected more leaves and sticks so that we could create with them back at the centre.




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