School-age 3

The Scienc of Slime
September 2020


We are so excited to welcome back everyone to our school age program. As we enter the new school year there are some new policies and procedures for Owl. Everyone has been fantastic at listening, learning and following the rules. We understand it is hard wearing the masks but appreciate everyone’s cooperation.


Something we did in our school age program this month is explore slime. Most children knew how to make it. The educator mixed glue, baking soda and contact lens and made individual ones for each child. The children problem solved when the slime became more liquid. They had to keep constantly moving the slime. They shared that information with one another. While exploring the slime some children came up with an idea to add colour to it. They realized that they could use markers to add colour to the slime. Some children used multiple colours and some used a single marker. Once they added colour they wanted to try and add something else to it. While brainstorming some ideas they used that they could do glitter! Emma, Hannah and Jaidyn used glitter on their slime and as they mixed it in and stretched it they noticed the sparkles throughout the slime. Jaidyn and Hannah said they made cotton candy slime. Their slime was a light pink and blue with sparkles on it.


Colouring Slim

Stretching slime






















This was such a wonderful activity to do with our group and it kept them engaged for over an hour. We are hoping to do science activities once a week with our group. We look forward to exploring and learning in a different but similar way this year.





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