School-age 2

Adjusting to Changes, New Rules and Routines
September 2020



It has been a long time since we have all been together during our after school program and everyone is doing well adjusting to the new routines and changes that had to be made. As the children now enter into the program, they know they have to have their temperatures checked and make their way to the designated seating area. They are also doing very well adjusting to wearing their masks at appropriate times and knowing that when they come close to anyone, it needs to be worn.


Outdoor activities have become a favourite time of the day as there is ample room to move around, run and enjoy each other’s company. Soccer, basketball, badminton and building with natural materials has become the go to activities for everyone. All of these promote gross motor movement as well as allowing the children to engage socially with each other. Communication skills are being built upon as the group listens and responds both to the educators when explaining new rules and guidelines or when interacting with their peers.


Kicking a soccer ball


While indoors, building with Lego has become the favourite activity. Every day the structures become more detailed and the play becomes more active as they are introducing other toys such as cars into their scenarios. Lego challenges have become a fun game, as an educator gives the group an object to build and the children use their creativity to accomplish the task.


Building with Lego


On the first day back everyone seemed a bit unsure of how the new rules and routines of the classroom would work. However, once a routine was set up and everyone understood the rules that needed to be followed, more interaction and engagement with each other began to happen. A sense of belonging has also been observed as everyone is included in the sporting events and building challenges, along with the children often helping each other out when needed.





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