School-age 1

Pirate Adventures
September 2020


Liam’s Pirate adventure: Liam helped narrate the story. His words are in quotations.


It all started when Liam suggested to have a slide race. On our way to the slide we found two steering wheels, quickly Liam decided that we are going to steer a pirate ship instead. We frequently stopped the ship to dive in the water. We put on our oxygen tanks, flippers, swimsuits, and masks. On our dive we went to search for a pirate treasure map. On our dive we found a sunken pirate ship where “we found a nice ghost” who showed us where to find a map. The ghost said that we can find a map in a deep dark cave. Liam found a flashlight to shine in the cave. We found a map on the cave wall. (The picture on the climber of an airplane and a bird) The maps told us we had to go around a green volcano and around “Krista’s island, then we go around the goose to find the treasure.” We quickly went back to our ship and followed the map. We saw the garden maze and thought that it would be a good place to find the goose who is guarding the treasure. “and we found gold in the garden maze” Liam displayed his communication and dramatic play skills by taking turns directing the play of our adventure.


Holding found treasure


Mila and Liam’s adventure


Mila joined the pirate adventure when Liam asked Mila, “will you play with me?” Mila began the adventure by calling, “captain come aboard!” Which once again turned the climber into a ship. Together Liam and Mila drove the ship to the supermarket. Liam pretended to get out his telescope, “I see the supermarket.” Then Liam saw some sharks in that Water! As they left the ship to go to the supermarket they both yelled, “Arrrrrrr” It was a long adventure full of food and treasure. And celebrated the end of the adventure and ended their adventure by going to the ice cream shop. Liam and Mila demonstrated their listening skills as they listened and expanded on each other's ideas. They also demonstrated their leadership skills as they took turns directing their adventure.


Children talking


Tyler’s adventure


Tyler enjoyed having the playground to himself and was very focused on trying to play with all the toys and equipment in the time we had outside. When Tyler started exploring the climber and got up the top platform he started to turn the steering wheels and make explosion noises. Krista the educator asked Tyler what he was doing and Tyler replied, “I’m shooting my cannons at the other ship, I’m going to take their gold.” Tyler exited his ship by using the slide. He yelled “Arrrrr” and ran across the playground pretending to pick up gold that was hidden under tires and then ran back to the ship to show off all the gold he collected. In this experience Tyler exercised his imagination as well as his gross motor muscles from lifting and rolling car tires.






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