Preschool 2

Pictures in the Sand
September 2020


This afternoon we were exploring beyond the fence. There is a little dirt patch the children just love searching for rocks and sticks in. This particular time Cadence found a stick perfect for drawing in the sand. She was drawing pictures of rockets, spaceships, computers and tractors. She used her fine motor skills to draw the picture and her pincer grasp to hold the stick like a pencil. She used her imagination and previous knowledge of what the things looked like to draw them. Her enthusiasm soon attracted a lot of her peers who were curious about what she was doing. Quickly they joined in on the fun.


Child drawing in sand


The children’s lines, squiggles and pictures drawn in the sand are all essential to their development of their future handwriting. They searched for the perfect sticks and a spot in the dirt to draw in too. It was amazing to watch their imaginations at work! John was drawing a zoo, Sam drew a pool, and Simona said she was drawing Jake and Kayleb’s feet. Maddex was drawing the numbers 1 to 12 in his sand spot.


Jeremy was very interested in the tree’s root system that was growing above the ground. He would lay right down beside the roots and just look at them. You could almost see the wheels turning in his head wondering where the roots came from and how they got to be so big.


Child looking at tree roots


It was great to see how a simple patch of dirt sparked so much interest and how each child explored something different. It also created a wonderful learning environment for everyone involved that was initially sparked by Cadence and her love of drawing.






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