Preschool 1

Lady Bugs
September 2020


April prepared all the supplies and sat down at the table. Chayce asked “what are you doing?” I thought it would be fun to make lady bug craft. “I want to make a lady bug!” Chayce said with excitement. “Lady bugs are red” Chayce added, recalling this detail from his outdoor exploration of bugs. “You’re right Chayce, the lady bugs body is red.” Using the red paint, he began to pain the plastic plate red.


 Child painting


Addy came running over when she saw Chayce painting, “lady bugs have brown spots” she exclaimed. This led to some further investigation using the iPad to look at lady bug spots. Together Addy and April discovered that lady bugs have black spots.


Child painting


Audrey joined her peers in creating a lady bug, she was excited to add legs and eyes on her lady bug.


April pulled up pictures that she and Keiko had taken of the children exploring the lady bugs. This provided us an opportunity to revisit the children’s past explorations over the last few weeks. Which led to discussions such as what lady bugs look like, helping the children to recall the different features and create their own.


The children enjoyed participating in this activity, which help to foster their cognition skills. The children shared their current knowledge of lady bugs with their peers and educators, revisit past experiences while looking at photos of their explorations on the iPad as well as using the iPad to determine the different parts of a lady bug. This activity also helped to enhance their self-regulation skills as the children worked on being patience and waiting to continue creating their lady bugs, while the paint and glue of each step dried.


We will be displaying the children’s lady bugs in the classroom for a little bit before we send them home. It’s been fun exploring the nature around us and learning about it too.






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