Expression and Well-being
September 2020



With new guidelines in place for childcare centres due to COVID-19. We as educators had concerns about how the infants would respond to us. Wearing masks/face shields on a daily basis and how they would take to the new social distancing set-up.


As we get to know each infant individually we are better able to help manage their stress levels through co-regulation. We have your family pictures posted at their level and have incorporated mirrors into their play space to support full face reflections as a point of reference.


Our recent room change is based on current infant needs while also adhering to new safety protocols of safe distancing. This group of infants have shown us how quickly they adapt and are able to form secure relationships to their educators.


Child eating in a high chair


Their responses show us, as we do extra to foster communication and expression with our PPE on, they do understand us. They are reading our cues and expressive faces as we encourage their receptive language while using exaggerated communication combined with gestures and voice tone we are still supporting their expressive communication.


We will continue to work on keeping everyone safe during time while still being diligent to provide loving support for the infants and their individual needs.


Children exploring with toys








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